Villnösstal 2019

15 September Travel

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St. Peter, dem Hauptort des Villnösstal






260 km 3h 5 m von München nach Kabishof

Agriturismo Kabishof

Villnöß Brillenschaf Video

The view from the east balcony.

The view from the south balcony. Gerhild just hanging out.

16 September – The Panorama walk





Twins recently joined the family, a boy and a girl.

Today we walked the „Panorama“ path. I wonder why they called it that?

A bit steep for Gerhild‘s first day.

Farm gate politics. That‘s a snake at the left.

When the sun goes down, the moon takes its turn.

17 September – 3 churches, Peter, Valentin & Jakob




Time follows its own rules in South Tyrol. This was when we started our walk today as shown on St. Peter‘s clocktower.

This plain little church in St. Valentin was started in 1090. (webpage)

So this toothy chap might be getting on for 1000 years old.

In 1945 Brazilian bombers just missed the church and the farmer‘s house next door, so the survivors expressed their thanks by setting up two (hopefully) empty bombshells in front of a small shrine.

And here‘s the third church, in St. Jakob.

18 September – Zanser Alm







St. Peter‘s while we had breakfast on the balcony today

Off to Zanser Alm today with a huge car park, but plenty of space for the visitors.

For Baron von Münchhausen fans there‘s even a cannonball to swing on.


The Geisler range

Time for a rest.

19 September – Teis






Teis is at the end of our valley, Villnößtal.

This small chapel is bizarrely surrounded by concrete trenches built during the 1st world war, with a bunker underneath.

The tiny chapel shows Mary with the 7 swords symbolising her 7 sorrows.

Our pocket sword comes in handy to harvest some nice parasol mushrooms and cut off the woody bits.

They shrink amazingly when cooked.

Gerhild used her stick to carry the bag full of mushrooms. Stock und Hut, steht ihr gut …

20 September – Lazy day in St. Peter







Breakfast on the balcony.

Little constitutional walk around the village.


Shopping for some local goodies in Pizak.

Recipe for Vinschgauer bread (Gerhild‘s favourite)

21 September – Halslhütte






1860 m to start from the Halshütte carpark. What a glorious day!

Walk up through the magical woods.

There‘s something magic here. What can you see?




Fresh fish at about 1800 m on the Rungtscher Wiesen. Looks really delish that fish!

An unflutterable owl.

No idea what it is but it‘s interesting.

As one does, we discussed the art painted on a stone here with a passing couple and the woman said it reminded her of one of Tony Hillerman‘s stories about the Navajo tribal police. Having never heard of him, I will borrow one from the American library in Berlin.


Can you believe it, Gerhild ate this work of art and it was quite delicious too.

22 September – St Magdalena






Today was the day when the cows come home in St. Magdalena.

23 September – Rainy reading day





Leisurely morning walk around St. Peter.

Hey, where are the mountains?

Hey, where’s the church?

Our books.

When the rain cleared.

24 September – Halsl the other way around







Two good to be true?



25 September – 3 churches again






Nice clouds this morning.

How do you like Vilnößtal?.


Popped into St. Peter’s church for a quick peek, having listened to its bells every 15 minutes since we’ve been here, and vainly tried to read the clock in its tower.

Kim finished reading his first ever Stephen King novel. It‘s a bit strange with invented „horror“ creatures as the author can invent the rules as he goes along. Not exactly a Sherlock Holmes story where things have a logic to them.
Gerhild finished „The little shop on the corner“ and she liked it a lot – just the right thing for a holiday.

26 September – Dusler Alm






On the way to Dusler Alm.

Just cast in bronze and sell for a fortune!

Why do we climb mountains?


A rare find – Boris Johnsonus Idioticus.


27 September – Early start in Teis






Breakfast with some Kamut rolls.

Ancient Tyrolean fence-making craft.



What is Gerhild taking a picture of?

Vilnößtal, what else.

28 September – Teddy comes for a walk





For our 2 favourite girls in Berlin.

Music for this walk

Hey Teddy, do you want to come for a walk?

Which way, which way?

Wow, what’s that?

Apples! Just lying on the grass!

Found me, found me.

Where is Teddy?

Just my size and I love the colour.

Hey! I‘m hungry too.

Mmmm. Cheese roll.

What‘s that?

It’s very pretty.

Gerhild found me a necklace under a mushroom. Maybe it’s magic?

Peek a boo.

Bet you can‘t see me!

Huh. There‘s nothing under this mushroom.

This way home.


29 September Travel






260 km 3h 5 m von Kabishof nach München