Berlin calling

Brandenburger Tor
Felix ohne Kopf

Felix was here! It was a very nice time here and I enjoyed the time while I was there I learned a lot about German History!!!


Today i was at a pretty cool Show in The theatre “camelion”. The Show was about Dummys and their Parts of Bodys. The Artists did a lot of stuff which was very interesting. I enyojed the Time.

East Side Gallery

Here are the pictures.

Today i was at The eastside GALLERY. It is a Part of The Berlin Wall which stould there After The Second World-War. The Wall was painted by many designers. It was very cool.


Berliner Unterwelten

in the berliner underworlds it was very interesting. we went into 2 bunkers where 4000 people could go in if it would fall a bomb!!!

Checkpoint Charlie

Today I was at the Checkpoint Charlie there I learned a lot aboute the German history and the second world war it was very interesting but I had to read a lot!