Vegetables like the doorman (Mitman by Fabrice Hyber) here were one of the highlights at the MAC/VAL, including this great film which you can see too if you follow the link.


Lunch included a few vegetables too although it was hard to see for wiping the tears of laughter away caused by Anusha our waitress, who tried to get us talking to the resident artists at the next table while we waited for the cook to cook something.


This cool cat didn’t mind the wait either.


This spongey specimen seems familiar …

20121021-184351.jpg 20121021-184408.jpg 20121021-185358.jpg

This was interactive art. You fit a clean ear swab to the propellor in the headphones, put them on and move in front of the fan, et voilà, clean earhole!


Kim couldn’t resist a brioche here.