Hello, I am The Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Magician

Welcome to my modest show!

With my astrological buttons, you too can work magic! Press the digits to show off your prestidigitation.

First you need to summon my assistant Humphrey.

Then lower my magical hat carefully over him and tap it three times with the magic wand.

If he doesn’t disappear, try waggling my ears to shake my magic earring.

Once he has disappeared, say the magic phrase “Maus, Maus, komm heraus” and be amazed at the stupendous power of your own magic.

Take great care however, not to try this when the moon is full or you may find yourself transformed into a small white mouse with hypnotic red eyes.

The secret of the trick

All shall now be revealed

Be astounded about the wondrous, never-ending miracles of the universe

Children, ask your parents’ permission before looking any closer

Thanks to all of the woodworking wizards of Puppets in Prague who made me into the magician I am today!