Quick look at Ajaccio (pronounced Adjgaksio) after discovering that Napo-Rama is closed for the winter.

Window in Ajaccio.

Drive to Corte 1h 25 m

Well-aged entrance to the apartment.

Corte apartment https://www.booking.com

First impressions can be deceptive. Great apartment! Check out the wash-basin.

On the way up through the village.

View from the belvedere up to the old castle.

From one mountain goat to the next.

Small, free contemporary art museum in Corte https://www.frac.corsica

Gerhild shows solidarity with the Corsican women.

Kim is trying to understand the Corsican man.

The motto over our fireplace –

Friends are silent angels who put us back on our feet when our wings no longer know how to fly.

Corte tourisme walks