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Today we had a good look around the camp site before we went to Bozen. They even have cylindrical “barrels” for the hermits amongst us who want to live Diogenes style. By contrast, the camper vans are squeezed together like sardines.

In Bozen we had elevenses in a small café. How they knew I was coming we will never know and what does that button do on Gerhild’s teapot?

This was my favourite in the graffiti contest.

Bozen’s old town is car-free so cycling is very popular.

This is the bendy bike bridge from the modern art museum.

As we are living in a tiny house, we went to look for Bozen’s tiny museum. On the way we found this old age pensioner of a tree, rescued from the compost heap by its neighbourhood friends. There is a carved hand at the bottom, holding tightly on to the chain.

The culinary speciality of the day was when we stopped for a break and Gerhild spoke English while I spoke German to an Asian-looking Italian-speaking waitress with the result that I got a hot cup of coffee with 2 balls of lemon ice cream floating in it. Gerhild insisted that it tasted delicious after I had swapped it for her expresso. Laughter makes things taste better!