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Today the GPS route tried to send us up a nearly vertical rabbit hole so we turned it off and took another free cablecar ride up to Jenesien.

In the forest on route 32A we bumped into this war memorial.

No, not that one, but the “French” battle of 1797 and remembering the death of 7 soldiers and their captain in 1809.

This is Gerhild’s latest great idea – a shadow selfie! We take them around with us most of the time this week, so it’s only right that they get into the picture too.

Well she says it’s this way but SHE says its the other way.

Gerhild said she needed a sit-down!

Now that’s what I call a sit-down.

Schoolchildren in green T-shirts with rucksacks filled up the lift on the way down. A school trip, walking through the mountains with one pupil presenting a “mountain” book on its literary merits each evening. I can’t remember doing that in my schooldays… might have been quite a lark.