One day for sightseeing before the course starts so today I went to the DOX museum of contemporary art, then walked via the metronome monument to Marionette Truhlář.

DOX museum for contemporary art


Tick tock

An enormous Stalin statue replaced by a metronome – work that one out! The popular name for this was apparently the queue for the butcher – referring to the shortages in shops under communism. Finished in 1955 it was eventually embarrassing enough to be dynamited in 1962.


Now the sprayers have taken over the remnants.

Nice view over Prague and its bridges over the Moldau.


Marionety Truhlář Right next to Charles Bridge. (GoogleMaps link)
The puppet to the right was made by Sota Sakuma and was used in a film. The two puppets to the left are Don Quixote and his faithful horse, Rocinante.

These are nice, but €240 each, so I guess I will have to make one…

Puppets, puppets and more puppets.

The Palác Akropolis theatre

(GoogleMaps link)

Prokletí rodu Gordonů – premiéra (The Curse of the Gordons)

The plot
After years away from home, the hero returns to the family estate to solve the series of strange deaths that happened at the castle. He is gradually confronted with all his inhabitants and the distrustful commissioner in charge of the investigation. The story has a fixed beginning and end, but the course of the performance changes, depending on which variant the viewers are in.

Palác Akropolis

Fekete Seretlek ► Kar

This second show, Anna Kerenina, was very good. Even got a free glass of vodka during the performance!