Day off, out of the workshop.
Trip to Nativity museum in Trebechovice (GoogleMaps link) and to visit Renate and Martin Lhotak.

Probošt’s Mechanical Christmas Crib

Kim’s 1 minute video

The “official” (longer) video

Třebechovické muzeum betlémů
The Most Famous Nativity Scene in the World or the Ingenious Work of Master Josef Probošt of Třebechovice. Probošt’s mechanical Christmas nativity scene in Třebechovice pod Orebem has filled people with wonder for decades and will continue to do so long into the future. That is because TIME plays no role in the nativity scene …
Scénář: Andrea Žbodáková
Režie: Renata Pazderová


Flavia & I ate a traditional Czech specialty, svíčková na smetaně in Restaurace na Roli.

Jilin Loggia

Town planning for children


Visit to Renata and Martin Lhotak


Renata was really welcoming and cooked a wonderful meal for us all!

Clothes peg bird

And Renata even gave us instructions on how to make one.

In a brochure made by one of Martin’s students.

Ballerina on horseback driven by the heat of cooking

Martin turning a pear spinner for each of his guests, pedal-powered!


The secrets in Martin’s magical workshop. In German this is called a “Hui Maschine“, and according to Wikipedia in English it’s called a Gee haw whammy diddle