It’s Sunday so let’s wind the clocks up!

And watch the Andrew Marr show on the telly.

Look who’s on the show today!

Check how the flowers on the balcony are doing.

And it’s time to cook lunch.

Yum, yum, yum!

Delicious strawberries from the farmer.

His and hers expresso.

Need to fill up the sugar bowl.

Time for a stroll around the block.

This way?

Or that way…

Cheerful tree stump.

Young man, can you bend down far enough to do my loose shoelace up?

What time is it?

Do you think we could tow this behind a tandem?

A musical pond (Gustav Mahler Platz).

Busy mushrooms eating what’s left of this tree.

I’ve already got that but in a nicer colour.

Kim is flagging.

Nearly home again.

Who said strawberries are just for eating?

Now wash your hands.

And read a good book.

Kim can only manage one with pictures.


Episode 30 of Hope@home ( – particularly liked the Schnittke music.