Making a spotted wagtail

This is related to twelve tweeters, so check them out for more detail on the birds. Guaranteed completely free from electronics. The only digits involved here are those that you were born with.

Bird’s eggs are tricky devils to hold still while drilling carefully angled holes, so a jig to hold them still is a real help.

A vice is OK to cut balls in half, but you need another jig to hold the hemispheres while you chisel or drill holes.

You need a box to put the mechanism in. Note the bar at the bottom to stop the paddles from dropping out.

You need two paddles, one to push the head and one for the tail. There is nothing to stop the head from twisting so its paddle has a little extra to stop the brass rod from turning too far. The cylindrical pieces stop the springs from slipping.

The bottom of the box with the paddles inlace, held by the brass rod which goes from side to side of the box.

One of two springs, at the end closer to the hinge to reduce the force.

The bits to make a tail with a hinge hole and a push hole.

It’s tricky to bend the push rods in the right place.

Crest and eyes glued in place. The feet have to wait until the box has been painted.

Watch that tail wag! 100% digitally operated.